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Motorola Information Systems Group


Recommended Reading:Unknown
Manufacturer's Website:
Driver Sites:Unknown
AT Command Sets:Unknown
Address:Motorola Information Systems Group (ISG)
20 Cabot Boulevard
Mansfield, Massachusettes 02048-1193
Phone:General: (508) 261-4000
Support: (205) 726-0798
Fax:Fax: (508) 337-8004
Additional Info:Unknown


Motorola Bitsurfer Pc ISA v.120AT&F&C1&D2\Q3%A2=B161=1
Motorola Bitsurfer Pc ISA v.120AT%A2=2
Motorola Bitsurfer Pro v.120AT&F&C1&D2\Q3%A2=2%A4=1
Motorola Bitsurfer Pro v.120AT%A2=2
Motorola BitsurfrAT%A2=95
Motorola BitsurfrAT&F&C1&D2\Q3%A2=95
Motorola BitsurfrAT\Q3%A4=0%A2=95
Motorola BitSurfr ProAT\Q3%A4=0%A2=95
Motorola Bitsurfr Pro Multilink 128 KbpsAT& F%A2=95@B0=2@M2=P%A4=0
Motorola Bitsurfr Pro Single channel 64 KbpsAT& F%A2=95@B0=1@M2=P%A4=0
Motorola Bitsurfr/Pro 128KAT&F&C1&D2\Q3%A2=95@B0=2%A4=1
Motorola Bitsurfr/Pro 64KAT&F&C1&D2\q3%A2=2@B0=1%A4=1
Motorola Bitsurfr/Pro V.120AT&F&C1&D2\Q3%A2=2%A4=1
Motorola TA210AT%A2=95&C1&D2@B0=2
Motorola BitSurfr ProAT%A2=2&C1&D2
Motorola BitSurfr ProAT%A2=2C1&D0
Motorola BitSurfr ProAT&F2&C1&D2
Motorola BitSurfr ProAT%A2=95&C1&D2@B0=2
Motorola BitSurfr ProAT%A2=95&C1&D0
Motorola BitSurfr Pro ML-PPPAT%A2=95&C1&D2@B0=2
Motorola BitSurfr Pro 115200 ML-PPPAT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=95%A4=1@B0=2
Motorola BitSurfr Pro 128000 ML-PPPAT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=95%A4=0@B0=2
Motorola BitSurfr/BitSurfr Pro 57600 ML-PPPAT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=95%A4=1
Motorola BitSurfr/BitSurfr Pro 57600 V.120AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=2%A4=1
Motorola BitSurfr/BitSurfr Pro 64000 ML-PPPAT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=95%A4=0
Motorola BitSurfr/BitSurfr Pro 64000 V.12AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=2%A4=0
Motorola UDS UTA 220KAT&F&D3&K3&C1@P3=N

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