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  • NIST Finally Removes NSA-Compromised Crypto Algorithm From Random Number Generator Recommendations
  • DailyDirt: Creepy, Crawly Robots
  • Intellectual Ventures Big Case Shut Down By Judge Over Completely Bogus Patents
  • US Promoting Mesh Networks; Reporters Misleadingly Think They Somehow Stop Digital Spying
  • Supreme Court Discussion In Aereo: At Least The Justices Recognize The Harm They Might Do
  • Chutzpah: John Steele To Court: What, You Think I Would Lie, Cheat And Break The Law? Come On!
  • Revolving Door: MPAA Hires Chief USTR Negotiator Behind ACTA And TPP's IP Chapter
  • Copyright Maximalists' Incredible Sense Of Entitlement: If It Challenges The Biz Model We Chose, It Must Be Illegal
  • Turkey's Prime Minister Sues His Own Country Over Twitter
  • Police File On Student 'Bullied Into Committing Suicide' Strangely Lacking In Evidence Of Bullying
  • James Clapper Bans Intelligence Community From Basically Any Interaction With Nearly Anyone With A Social Media Account
  • Time Warner Cable's Contractual Loophole Allows It To Tell Local Politicians It Has Received Zero Complaints
  • Court Says DOJ Must Release Memo That Justifies Drone Killing Of US Citizen
  • NY Times Changes Its Tune On TPP; Highlights Cronyism, Lack Of Transparency As Problems
  • German Politicians Hit Back At USTR Criticisms Of European Cloud Idea
  • DailyDirt: Bringing Back The Undead
  • Putin's 'Clapper' Moment: What He Said Vs. What Russian Intelligence Actually Does
  • 9/11 Trial Grinds To A Halt As Evidence Surfaces That FBI Subverted Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Law School Trustee's Company Chills Critical Speech With Subpoena For Students' Personal Emails
  • James Clapper Giving Speeches To Students, Begging Them To Stop Thinking Of Ed Snowden As A Hero
  • Why Is The US Gov't Arguing In The Supreme Court To Reshape The Internet The Way Broadcasters Want It?
  • Can Anyone Name A Programmer Still Getting Paid For Code He Wrote In 1962?
  • Homeland Security Adviser Warns Parents That Their Mouthy Kids May Grow Up To Be Terrorists
  • India Wants To Take On 'US Hegemony' Over The Internet... By Renaming It The Equinet
  • Police Raid Apartment, Seize Electronics Related To A Long-Suspended Twitter Account Parodying Town's Mayor

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