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  • Congressmen Submit Bill Banning Encryption Bans
  • Artist Sues Wu-Tang Clan Member, Martin Shkreli, Vice Magazine For Copyright Infringement
  • Daily Deal: Axis VIDIUS FPV-Camera Drone
  • CIA Director Freaks Out After Senator Wyden Points Out How The CIA Spied On The Senate
  • Intelligence Director James Clapper Warmly Welcomes The Internet Of Things To The NSA's Haystacks
  • Congressmen Upton, Walden Latest To Insist Nobody Needs Faster Broadband
  • First Report From Inside Germany's New TAFTA/TTIP Reading Room Reveals Text's Dirty Secret
  • NHL Streaming Service Descends Into Blackout Hell; NHL Threatens Anyone Trying To Circumvent Blackouts
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  • Government Lawyers Think Open Records Reform Proposal Hands Over Too Much Power To The People
  • Australia's Arrogant, Irresponsible Trade Minister Rejects Calls For Cost-Benefit Analysis Of TPP
  • Techdirt Podcast Episode 60: Barry Eisler On Truth, Fiction And The Surveillance State (Part One)
  • Judge Blocks Release Of Anti-Abortion Videos As The Arbiter Of Journalism
  • Warner To Pay $14 Million In 'Happy Birthday' Settlement; Plaintiffs Ask For Declaration That Song Is In Public Domain
  • Daily Deal: IT Security And Ethical Hacking Training
  • Comcast Using Minority Astroturf Groups To Argue Cable Set Top Box Competition Hurts Diversity
  • Senator John McCain Weighs In On 'Going Dark' Debate -- Insists That He Understands Cryptography Better Than Cryptographers
  • Senator John McCain Weighs In On 'Going Dark' Debate -- Insists That He Understand Cryptography Better Than Cryptographers
  • States Wake Up, Realize AT&T Lobbyists Have Been Writing Awful Protectionist State Broadband Laws
  • Top German Judges Tear To Shreds EU's Proposed TAFTA/TTIP Investment Court System

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