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  • California Highway Patrol Seizes Medical Records Of Woman An Officer Was Caught On Tape Beating
  • Ex-State Department Official Reveals That Everyone's Focused On The Wrong NSA Surveillance Programs
  • FAA Investigates Congressman's Use Of Drone To Help Videotape His Wedding
  • Airlines, Travel Sites Hand Over Your Full Booking Credit Card, IP Info To Feds, Who Keep It Stored With No Encryption
  • Italy's Public Prosecutor 'Seizes' Giant Webmail Provider And Cloud Storage Provider, Because Copyright
  • Italy's Public Prosecutor 'Seizes' Giant Webmail Provider And Cloud Storage Provider, Because Copyright
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  • As Feared, UK Data Retention Act Passed In Record Time; Fight Back Has Already Begun
  • Guy Files Dishwasher User Manual As An FCC Comment On Net Neutrality
  • NSA On Snowden's Claims Of Passing Around Nudie Pics: We Totally Wouldn't Allow That... If We Knew About It
  • Once Again, Millions Of Rickrolls Go Silent As The Original Rickroll Is 'Blocked' On YouTube
  • Level3 Proves That Verizon Is Absolutely To Blame For Netflix Congestion... Using Verizon's Own Blog Post

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