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The Computer You're Dialing in to Cannot Establish a Dial-Up Networking Connection.  Check Your Password, and Then Try Again.

1.  Verify Username and Password. Make sure you are using the correct auth scheme (most often clear text if dialing into a reg ISP).

2.  Make sure that 'log on to network' in the server type settings of the dialer properties is not checked.

3.  Make certain that you are dialing the correct ISDN number and that it does not contain illegal characters. Is it a local call? If not, verify that the user is certain that they have clear channel Long Distance service.

4.  Verify that the user's account is setup for ISDN. (ISP/auth end)

5.  Verify the POP isn't down and that it is accepting ISDN connections

6.  Verify the ISDN Router / T/A's settings (SPIDs, etc)

8.  Delete and remake dialer.

9.  Uninstall and Reinstall DUN, NCP, dialer, and delete all the .pwl files.

10.  This could be a line issue. Have the telco perform a loopback test

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